Re: SIDs showing but domain names not - Help!!

I doubt that alone screws up the access. The SID is what is really
used to control access, the friendly name is for human consumption.
Adding a new grant and having it show up as a SID would in itself
not change any of the other grants (or denies), and it would be put
into effect once applied. If everyone else can go through the LAN
and add new things now I would tend to believe that they could do
that before also, or that more was done than just add the one account
that ended up showing as a SID.

Is this a single domain environment?
Is the NetBIOS Tcp/Ip helper running on the machine where you
see this?

The sce event 1000 is not good.
Search in the KB with source and eventid as there are many
causes with different result codes.

Try running netdiag and dcdiag on each DC. If those are clean then
try running netdiag on the machine where friendly names are not
being shown (it is configured to ONLY use DNS servers on the
DCs, right?).

"GaryB" <GaryB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have today gone to add access to a 2000 member server C drive and after
selecting the Domain, I select a user. When I hit apply it changes the
to a SID and completetly screws the access to the drives. Foir example I
added myself with full access to the servers local C Drive. It instantly
turned into a SID number so instead of mydomain\myuser it changes to
*************** after hiting apply. I can then browse thru LAN to create
files on this server but so can everyone else in the domain!

This is fairly urgent as this is sql server & I fear permissions may be
causing us security nightmares..

I have the checked the 2003 AD & DNS server and all appears ok but I do
event logs that may not be relevant as follows:

Event ID 1000
Windows cannot access the file gpt.ini for GPO The file must be present
the location <>. (). Group Policy processing aborted.

Any help appreciated!



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