Re: Pix Firewall question

If you can send email to some addresses but not others, that doesn't sound
like a problem of a port being closed. That would cause all email to fail.
When doing email testing, I would get on your email server [if you have one]
and use TELNET to see what is going on. Google for something like "telnet
smtp helo" to get instructions on what SMTP commands you can type in a
telnet session to send an email and watch what happens. You may also want
to use the "advanced" DNS lookup link at to find the
MX mail servers for that domain, to know where to telnet to. But basically
if you telnet to the remote email server successfully, you know right away
it doesn't sound like a firewall problem.

"Carl Gross" <CarlGross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have been having problems sending e-mail to a specific e-mail address.
When I send it to the address from my workstation, I get a NDR error
However, I can send it from my personal e-mail account.

I understand that having certain ports on a Pix firewall closed can goof
e-mail. What ports need to be open and how do I check to see if they are?