Re: Surfing with User privileges

You may want to post your comment/inquiry into one of the IE newsgroups
as I suspect that it is a switch in the IE security configuration other than
ones you have tried/mentioned that may be set a little too conservatively.

If the entire world had the same issue more would have certainly pointed
out the sad irony also before now.

"Russ" <Russ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Apparently a person cannot use these newsgroups operating their computer
> without administrator privileges. Just now I tried to post a new message
> with only limited privileges and could not get the dialog box for writing
> the
> new post to come up. This limitation hinders good security practice. I
> turned on the "allow pop-ups from this site" but that didn't work, and I
> turned on "temporarily allow pop-ups from this site" but that didn't do it
> either!
> In our home and business we are trying to use our computers with limited
> privileges more and more, to protect the current Windows setup and avoid
> spyware and adware. If programs used daily won't operate properly with
> these
> limited rights it makes operation frustrating.
> Russ