Re: Kama Sutra / W32.Blackmal.E worm questions

From: "Richard Fangnail" <richardfangnail@xxxxxxxxxx>

| I have Norton AV and it was updated on Jan. 17 2006 with the entry:
| W32.Blackmal.E@mm
| CME-24, Win32.Blackmal.F [Computer Associates],
| Email-Worm.Win32.Nyxem.e [F-Secure], Email-Worm.Win32.Nyxem.e
| [Kaspersky], W32/MyWife.d@MM [McAfee], W32/MyWife.d@MM!M24 [McAfee],
| W32/Small.KI@mm [Norman], Tearec.A [Panda Software], W32/Nyxem-D
| [Sophos], WORM_GREW.{A, B} [Trend Micro]
| Will I be okay no matter what?
| Is there a way you can get this worm without opening email attachments?
| I just saw a CNN report where they did not mention that you can get it
| by opening attachments. But the mainstream media doesn't explain these
| things very well.

CME-24 --

Read the writeups from the various AV vendors.

In addition to being sent via email, this worm also spreads via unsecured NT Shares.