Re: strange encryption behavior

Larry wrote:
I am getting the following strange behavior in Outlook 2003 SP1 on XP

I have previously received signed emails from my friend "Joe" who is in
the GAL (although his certficicate is not in the GAL)  I can see his
certificate in Certificate Manager, under Other People, and it is
reported there as OK.  I have also previously sent him signed and
encrypted emails successfully.

When Joe sends you a signed e-mail, add the contact Joe to your (local) contacts in Outlook (right mouse on sender and 'add to contacts'). This will also add the certificate in the contact properties in Outlook. Encryption should work from now on.


I would prefer not putting the certificates into the GAL.

If Joe is also present in the GAL, the easiest way is for Joe to publish his certificate in it (one click of a button in Outlook). What's against publishing the certificate in the GAL anyway?

I already tried the registry modifications recommended in:;en-us;870564&spid=2520&sid=216#kb5

but it did not help.

Willem .

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