Re: Rootkits /Malware

Bare with me here David,because I'm not sure if I can explain this
very well for you to understand me.

As it stands all those HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE=Apropos don't show up
in a normal pc state anymore.
So I went into safe mode,and I typed in Apropos into the RegSeeker,
and said file came up,but without the word Apropos behind it as it did before.
Ok ,so when I click on it to show me where it is in the registry,
it shows a bunch of
"NextParentID.15....REG_DWORD 0x00000001 (1)
preceded by a little white patch with blue symbols on it.
So now what am I supposed to do,delete all 21 of them ?
It is the same inControlSet001 and CurrentControlSet.

Also when I do click on xxxxxxaaa01&0&8D, some stuff comes up
that includes Drivers etc. I made 2 screen picture of it,didn't want to
write it all down,but not sure how to get those pics to you.
Waiting for instructions,thanks again...

"David H. Lipman" wrote:

> From: "worried" <worried@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> | Hi again David,
> | here is an update on what's happening,
> | we have established that my security programs came back all clean,
> | including RootkitRevealer and SmitfraudC..
> | I did run the RegSeeker's "find in registry" part,
> | and looked for Apropos-Kelvir-Lovegate,and they all showed up again,
> | even after I used disk cleaner and rebooted .
> | I can't even make an educated guess about what is going on,
> | and how to fix it,and they do show up with the names as I wrote them.
> | I hate to delete anything in the registry for not knowing enough
> | about it.
> | I don't seem to have any problems with my pc at this time,but
> | it is irritating to know that there is something there,that shouldn't be.
> | Any thought's ? Thanks again..>worried<
> |
> Run Regedit, go to...
> Look for...
> VEN_xxxx&SUBSYS_xxxxxxxx&REV_xx
> Then look for..
> x&xxaaaxx&x&xD
> and ..
> Apropos
> The repaet for...
> and
> --
> Dave