Re: IE part of the operating system

Actually, I feel that the excessively numerous methods of customizing and
injecting code into both Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer is a larger
concern than the integration of Internet Explorer into Windows. Certainly,
that code has to first make it onto the system to have an effect, and to be
installed under an administrator account, but once it's there it can really
hook into your Windows experience quite scarily.

I'm not going to list those methods here, as:
- Most people who have something intelligent to say on this matter already
know what they are.
- Despite a decade of experience in programming for Windows, I don't think I
know what every single one of them is (which is to my point).
- I don't want to encourage would-be spyware authors.


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>> However, if Dominique's point is that most people will use Windows
> Explorer
>> as their shell, he's right that this creates a security concern.
>> Microsoft
>> just went too far, but they likely realise that now and it's hard to
>> backtrack that far.
> No they didn't go too far and the law suit was just a "witch hunt".
> The browsers found in the various GUIs for Linux have the browsers
> interact
> with the GUI in almost the same detail and degree. You don't hear about
> it
> because nobody really cares,...bashing Linux isn't "politically correct".
> Take any browser in Linux and enter a File Path into the address bar and
> "wha-la" it becomes a "file explorer",...then take about any "file
> explorer"
> window and enter a URL into it and "wha-la" it becomes a "web browser"
> based
> on whatever is the "default" for the particular GUI you are running.
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