Re: Evil spyware warning!

SkyLogic wrote:
> Hi all.
> I am currently having trouble with a red circle with a white cross (X) in it
> which is situated in my System Tray. It continuously gives me a large pop-up
> warning saying that "Your computer is infected! Click here to protect
> yourself from spyware".
> I have ran countless spyware and adware programs but nothing has been
> detected.
> This icon is not always present though. It will appear roughly every other
> time i turn my PC on and usually after long periods of time of the PC being
> on.
> I feel that it could be a trojan downloader but nothing is detecting it.
> I have checked my Add/Remove programs for anything out of the ordinary but
> all is ok.
> As the pop-up message appears nearly every 20 seconds i am now on a short
> fuse and am thinking about attacking my PC with a hammer!!!!!! lol.
> If anyone can offer me advise it would be extreamly appreciated!!!
> Thanks for your time.
> Chris Sabatina
> PS. If i go to C:/documents&settings/me/Local Settings/temp. sometimes there
> are EXE files with a number (eg. 1633.exe) and if i delete these the pop-ups
> stop but the icon in the system tray stays. Is is only on some occations
> though, other times there is nothing in the temp folder and the pop-ups still
> occure.


I am the author of Super Ad Blocker with SUPERAntiSpyware. It will
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Nick Skrepetos - SUPERAntiSpyware