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> Your question has nothing to do with Microsoft security. Having said that
> never bid more than what you really are willing to pay for something. I
> buy stuff on Ebay all the time and have a lot of fun doing it. Yes shill
> bidding goes on but it is fairly uncommon and only a fool gets caught in a
> bidding war. If the shill bidder wins the auction then the seller still
> has to pay Ebay fees which deters such. You can search what like items
> have sold in the past to get a general idea of an items worth. Ebay has a
> lot of their own forums you can post in or read past posts. As Lanwench
> said "Buy It Now" is also a good way to buy items. I often search for new
> Buy It Now items and jump on them if I think the price is right. Some
> sellers also inflate shipping costs so watch out for that. --- Steve
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>> Hi, all. I intend to buy things on
>> But I found that there is a problem about the security of ONLINE auction.
>> For example, if A want to sell out something for a high price on
>>, he/she can register a number of different accounts, pretend to
>> buy the item on the behalf of different usernames that he/she wants to
>> sell and raise up the price that he/she set by oneself. In this way,
>> he/she can cheat the real vendees and sell out his item for highest
>> price.
>> Maybe this kind of circumstance could happen in the real auction
>> activities, but I think it is more likely to happen in the online auction
>> deals especially when the item is popular online. Is that true?
>> Is there any merchanism to avoid the fraud on Or should they
>> set up one to avoid that?
>> Look forward to your opinions! Thanks very much.