Re: EFS For Dummies (me)

Thanks Steve.
I cannot believe that it might be XP Home Edition did not even
occur to me :)


"Steven L Umbach" <n9rou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Just to add to what Roger said XP Home does not support EFS. I know you
> said corporate domain but some users use XP Home in a domain even though
> the computer itself can not join the domain and take advantage of all the
> features of an AD domain. If you do get it to work heed Roger's advice and
> read the link below on EFS best practices and realize that as long as your
> EFS private key is on your laptop your encryption is only as strong as
> your password.. --- Steve
> "Andrew Oliner" <andyo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:u$Oq2g$FGHA.312@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> I'm a pretty sophisticated computer user overall. I just got my first
>> laptop, and I would like to implement EFS. I have a small company, so I
>> am the System Admin.
>> The laptop is part of a corporate domain, not a Stand-alone. It seems
>> like most of the (barely) user-friendly documentation is on implementing
>> EFS on a stand-alone machine. Also, I have 2 Win2K servers, not 2003.
>> I have tried, without success, to follow the instructions in the book
>> "Windows XP security Step by Step". I'm usually very, very good with this
>> stuff, but EFS has me completely stumped.
>> Please tell me:
>> 1. Does EFS even work? So far, my experience is "no'!
>> 2. Can someone point me to a somewhat straight-forward explanation of how
>> to implement it?
>> Thanks,
>> Andy