Re: System Administrator cannot access files/folders

Check the permissions on the folder to see if they include administrators
for full control and do not show deny permissions for
users/everyone/authenticated users or any other group that your account may
be a member of. If you don't have correct permissions and can not change
them then you have to take ownership of the folder as an administrator being
sure to select the option to replace owner on subcontainers and objects and
then give administrators or your user account full control. You don't state
the operating system used but the links below should help out. --- Steve;en-us;308418 --- XP
folder permissions;en-us;308421 --- XP
taking ownership

"Chris" <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I'm logged on as the system administrator...and when I open my
> files/folders inside my cdrive/"My Computer", I get a message saying I am
> restricted from opening or accessing...Why is this happening...there are
> only
> two accounts. One is my Normal account, which is the system
> administrator,
> and the other is the guest account...How do I fix this issue?
> --
> Thank you very much for your help.