Re: MS Security Bulletin MS06-001: Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution (912919)

"Ottmar Freudenberger" <freudi@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:43be41f3$0$20781$9b4e6d93@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> "~greg" <g_m@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb:
>> "Rock" wrote >
>>> Why do you need to re-register shimgvw.dll _before_ applying the patch, and the related question, what if you don't?
> You don't. I even recommend to re-register *after* applying the
> update. Otherwise your system may be at risk during the pending
> patch.
>> my guess is the patch needs to find shimgvw.dll to fix it.
> Nope, the patch contains gdi32.dll, the culprit of the security
> hole which could have been exploited viewing an image *i.e.* via
> Windows Picture- and Fax Viewer or Symbol View in Windows Explorer.
> Please feel free to review the details in the Security Bulletin:
> Bye,
> Freudi

You're right - unless the patch *also* does something to shimgvw.dll.
But as I understand it now there would be no need for that.

Also apparently the patch *is* a new gdi32.dll.
They're the same size anyway.

I think it is remarkable that the major Windows library is only 274k!
( and gdi.dll is 24k!!)
It's functions must be calling out to do the rendering.



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