Pam wrote:
> Does anyone have any advice on this? I read a couple of threads about this
> temp fix, but can't find any definitive advice as to whether or not this is
> something to consider *until* next Tuesday's (1-10) release. Normally I
> would hold GRC in relatively high regard in most cases, but I don't know
> what to think of this, since GRC is just a sanctioned host for the authors
> work. Obviously not savvy enough to know who Ilfak Guilfanov is.
> Pam

F-Secure ( and SANS ( recommend it, too.
The fix is solidly white-hat, has been tested and scrutinized. F-Secure
has installed it on their own machines. For all of that, it's still
essentially a beta. I'm using it, but I've done a disk image and am
willing to reinstall my OS if something goes dreadfully wrong.

I think it's overall better to have it, than not.

~ Rosanne
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