Re: several viruses

You need to make sure that you keep your virus definitions current and that
is done via Live Update which can be automated. Also make sure that Norton
is in real time monitor mode and that it scans all your emails and
downloads. It should also be scheduled to do at least weekly full system
scans. What I would do now is to use Live Update to make sure you are
current with virus definitions and then boot into Safe Mode to do your
initial virus scan. If you have trouble with a specific malware search
Norton's site at to see if there are
specific instructions. As make sure you read the link below on the must do
basics to secure your computer/network and it has links on viruses and
spyware. --- Steve
--- Protect Your PC

"lkritter" <lkritter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I have several viruses on my computer that norton found but didn't prevent
> for some reason. how do i get them off my computer and not just in
> quarentine? norton sais it can't clean them.