Re: Unable to access Security Event Log Windows 2003 Stand alone

I have never tried that but make sure that you logoff the user and logon
again which may need a reboot in your case. You can also enable auditing of
privilege use for failure to see if the account lacks any needed user rights
by looking in the security log for failure events. --- Steve

"ssnodgra" <ssnodgra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I have an app that cannot access the Security Event Log. It runs as a
> and does not have probs accessing the application or system log. The
> service
> is running as the administrator user. Tried it with multiple users and the
> system account. The error that get loged is Windows error code : 1722
> Win32Exception: Lookupaccountsid: 1722. I used secpol to make sure that
> administrator has the Manage auditing and security log right. I used the
> resource kit ntrights tool to give the administrator the
> SeSecurityPrivilege.
> Its interesting that I can run whoami /all and it shows that Manage
> auditing
> and security log is disabled. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
> Frustrated...


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