Re: Backup and Restore local SAM

In addition to doing a full backup of a computer you also should backup the
System State as doing both will give you the ability to restore the local
users and groups. This is something you want to try a couple of dry runs on
a test computer to make sure you get it to work right for you. If a computer
crashes you would want to reinstall the operating system, get it to the same
service pack and patch level as what it was, restore the backup, and then
restore the System State. An image type backup may be another option in
addition to full backup/system state. There are also tools that you can use
to dump/export current permissions to a file or report. Xcacls.vbs and
fileacl are two that come to mind and are both free. --- Steve
--- System State backup. --- xcacls.vbs --- fileacl.

"dm" <jgeorge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I have a few large file servers running Windows 2000, each having a
> large number of local security groups on them. These are connected to
> a Storage Area Network, containing all data. If one of these servers
> crashes, I can easily create another server and map that server to the
> same volume used by the dead server. This saves the data, however, I
> am not sure how to restore the local groups so that their SIDs will
> correctly map to the data.
> Since these servers contain so much data, it would be difficult to
> re-create these groups, then re-assign the security to the data
> manually, assuming I could even remember each and every set of
> permissions in the first place.
> Do any of you know how to correctly restore these types of permissions
> or have you had a file server crash to where you needed to re-create
> local accounts?


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