RE: Reformat Methods Don't Work?

Sue then you are more courageous that I. I'm nowhere near the experts that
are in here, I'd be afraid to flash my bios. However I've had a boot virus
where roughly the same things happened to me. There is a switch on the
motherboard to clear your bios should be a schematic diagram in the case...
if you can 't find it just pull the battery. Then reformat.

I've had a brand new machine and was just registering with microsoft and
compact presario when I ended up at a yahoo search page instead of microsoft
update so I know it happens. Every major firewall was useless,changing
isp,e-mail and passwords until I figured out that I had to hide the mac
address behind a router.

I hope this helps and I sympathize with you good luck.

"SueInCincy" wrote:

> Manfred and Lionel, thank you for your responses.
> Manfred, can you tell me more about clearing my bios? I downloaded a "Flash
> BIOS" utility from one of my computer's manufacturers, ran it, and then
> restarted with a boot-from-CD disk cleaner utility. Then I ran the system
> recovery disks, and I have not yet connected to the Internet.
> There are all kinds of troublesome files at the root of the C: Drive,
> including, pagefile.sys, hyberfile.sys, and All of which the
> computer manufacturer says should not be there at the point of just having
> run the system recovery media. Nor should all those compressed files be
> there, either.
> I appreciate all the help you offer. Thanks! Sue In Cincinnati.
> "Manfred" wrote:
> > been there. Try clearing your bios. (the new ones reset to factory defaults).
> > Possibly your mac address on your network card is known been there to. Been
> > there to didn't matter changing isp, e-mail and passwords. Free space virus.
> >
> > "SueInCincy" wrote:
> >
> > > I have tried to clear a hard drive (actually three of them) using the
> > > following methods:
> > >
> > > --OEM system recovery disks
> > > --full reformat with Windows XP disk
> > > --Three different brands of DOD-approved bootable CD "Disk Wipe" utilities
> > > --A full reformat by a large, well-respected computer repair facility
> > >
> > > Followed, of course, by the re-installation of the operating system from
> > > both a freshly purchased Windows XP (with SP 2) disk, and using the
> > > manufacturers' disks.
> > >
> > > In each case, a whole host of symptoms tell me, even before the machine is
> > > hooked up to the Internet, that it is not secure. Some of those symptoms
> > > include:
> > >
> > > --Many compressed files, with names that include "Java packages" and "Spybot
> > > - SEarch and Destroy Updates" even though Spybot was never a part of the
> > > original operating system
> > > --many copies of .exe Files, like "Windows Management Instrumentation" or
> > > WMI Performance Adapter Service, buried way deep inside very unlikely
> > > folders, several layers deep.
> > >
> > > Last but not least, this 80 meg hard drive, as it is being reformatted (and
> > > as it's verified) says there is only one partition, with something like 76
> > > megs.
> > >
> > > Is it possible that someone has figured out a way to make a big chunk of the
> > > hard drive invisible to all these different reformatting methods, or am I
> > > maybe missing something?
> > >
> > > Thanks for your help and suggestions.
> > >
> > >

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