Re: Internet connection in safe mode

You need to boot into Safe Mode with networking in order to access the
internet if Safe Mode. Doing such will however disable any host/software
firewall so you need to be sure your network is protected by at least an
"internet router" or other firewall device. --- Steve

"Maurice Buckley" <Maurice Buckley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
message news:3E1AAA47-336C-4C54-9EC3-D3B6C139F866@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>I got the blue screen and Microsoft told me i had probably got one of the
> Apropos B or c or Trojan Win 32.crypt.t or WinNT/Zufyx viruses. I
> followed
> the instructions but could not access my broadband connection in safe
> mode.
> It did not appear on Network Connnections in Control Panel, and i had only
> the option in the connection wizard of utilising an always on Bb
> connection.
> I could not therefore utilize the scan as apparently this(these) viruse(s)
> are not recognised in ordinary Windows mode.
> Can anyone suggest how i might deal with this problem.
> If you can, and you live in Northern Ireland, i will make a point of
> buying
> you a pint!
> Thanks