Re: Password Complexity

Password complexity requires that passwords be at least six characters in
length and it could even be more depending on the minimum password length
setting as show in the command net accounts on a domain controller. ---

"xmis1" <xmis1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hello,
> We just enabled strong password/complexity policy in our windows 2003
> domain. I have a question regarding UpperCase/lowercase words, here is a
> scenario.
> A user's password was Password2. When he was prompted to change the
> password
> he used passWord2 (notice the diffrence in P and W between the old and new
> password) as a new password but the system would not accespt it eventhough
> it's a different password from his old one. Any ideas how we can make the
> system recognize upper and lower case?
> Thanks


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