Re: How to Copy EFS(encrypted) Files....


If you have EFS protected file and you decide to copy it the file will first
be decrypted (you actually have to have the private keys to decrypt the file
if you want to copy it). Once the file is decrypted in memory it will be
copied in "clear text" over the network. What happens now depends on the
setting on the server. If the server is NTFS formatted and has EFS attribute
set on the destination folder the file will be re-encrypted.

As Paul pointed out you can use WebDAV and copy EFS encrypted file over the
network in encrypted state.

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"Amjad Zogby" <azoghbi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> kea wrote:
>> Hmmm, WebDAV, how do I specify copying with that protocol?
>> What I am looking for...
>> I want to copy files from one workstation to another directly without
>> having the files decrypted.
>> I have tried this wil robocopy command line and the 1.63gb took an hour
>> over a crossover cable and data was not encrypted on the other machine.
>> So most of the time was the original machine decrypting and then copying
>> or something like that.
>> But Again, I need to crossover cable or peer-to-peer and maintain the
>> encryption. I have the mechansim to migrate the cert.
>> Thanks for the info.
> Hello
> I hope i'm not out of the subject, but why don't you set an IPSec policy
> between the two machines, this will ensure your file is encrypted in
> transit. Also, if the remote machine is EFS capable (NTFS), the file
> should be left encrypted when copied.