Re: Administrator Reset

whsinger wrote:

> I've been noticing for some time that I am unable to run Adobe Acrobat
> from an IE browser on my account, even though I set up this computer
> and named
> myself administrator and my wife a limited user. Upon looking into
> the IE program settings, I saw a message that read something like
> "only an
> administrator can change this program's settings. When I would log
> onto my wife's account (who had somehow been named administrator, even
> though my account showed up that way also, any changes I made on her
> side were not system-wide.
> Today, I get on and notice that I cannot run my Norton Live Update
> Virus
> Definition software. Upon checking further, it seems that neither my
> wife nor myself has administrator rights anymore, and to make matters
> worse, I cannot create a new user (to try to take over some control)
> OR install any Microsoft Updates (Anti-Spyware being the key desired
> one) because we do not
> have administrator-level permissions. Indeed, I am not able to
> install
> anything. This is very bad. Can anyone offer any help? All
> suggestions
> (other than a re-format) will be very much appreciated. Thank you,

Yes, it is very bad. Take that box off the Internet and any lans
immediately. Scan for viruses with either Sysclean (first link below)
or Dave Lipman's Multi-AV (second link below). After making the first
scan with either of those, see if you can update your NAV manually.
Obviously, you'll need to get all tools and updates from a different,
known-clean machine with Internet access and a cd burner (or have a usb
thumbdrive with a large enough capacity to transfer the files). If you
can update NAV, do a thorough scan with it and then continue on to the
non-viral scanning mentioned in the first link below. - Dave Lipman's Multi-AV

You didn't say what operating system you have, but since you reference
MSAS I'm going to assume it is Windows XP, and probably Home Edition.
If otherwise, please post back with the information.

After you get all your tools and updates ready, boot the computer into
Safe Mode by repeatedly tapping the F8 key as the computer is starting
up. This will get you to the menu where you can choose Safe Mode. Use
your Up arrow key to navigate; the mouse doesn't work there. In Safe
Mode at the Welcome Screen, you'll see the normally hidden built-in
Administrator account. The default password is a blank. Hopefully you
will be able to log into this account and have it work. If for some
reason the password has been changed and you don't know it, you can use
NTpasswd to change the Administrator password to a blank.

If you are unable to do any of the above, take the machine to a
professional computer repair shop (not your local version of
BigStoreUSA). The pro will be able to determine what the issue is and
fix it. If s/he can't fix it except by doing a format/clean install,
s/he can retrieve any data for you that you forgot to back up.

If you do the cleanup successfully yourself, do not connect to the
Internet without Service Pack 2 installed, the Windows Firewall (or a
third-party firewall) enabled, and a healthy antivirus.

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