Re: ZoneAlarm blocking Outlook Express emails

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>Windows version?
>Disable email scanning by your anti-virus application. It provides no
>additional protection and even Symantec says it's not necessary:

You really have to love a "security" product that comes with a feature that
its authors themselves tell you is completely unnecessary.

The unfortunate fact, of course, is that there are many in the "security
audit" profession who will produce lists of "security requirements" that are
padded with needless requirements in order to make the auditor look

Be concerned any time you see a security audit that mentions as "must do" any
of the obvious "security blanket" (gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, but doesn't
protect you in any way) steps:

1. Run a well-known service on a port other than its well-known binding.
[Hackers will port-scan, or simply observe traffic, in order to find out where
the new port is]

2. Hide the greeting banner on a service to prevent hackers guessing which
version of a server you run.
[Hackers will try their "exploit of the day" against your server no matter
what it claims to be - if your server is unsecure, changing its banner won't
prevent attacks]

3. Scan twice for viruses on the same computer using the same virus-scanner.
[If it didn't catch the virus the first time, it isn't going to catch it the
second time, unless something changed - virus signatures, virus scanner
engine, etc.]

4. Applying primarily technological solutions to primarily social problems.

I could go on and on, but I think I'll save that for a blog post.


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