Re: Are Java and JavaScript really so malicious for Windows system

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IE is integrated with the OS in the same sense as a standard library is part
of the OS. It's not part of the kernel, and doesn't give special privileges
to applications using it.

Why then is it not able to be un-installed?

Because of dependencies. The HTML renderer is used for the user interface part of several system tools (some mmc applets, the user management control panel applet), and for some important system functionality (writing scripts with a user interface). As Mark Randall noted, lower level component that are formally a part of IE, such as the HTTP protocol client APIs, are also shared with a lot of other programs.

If you decide to remove the parts that belong only to the web browser, you end up with not much more than iexplore.exe itself (91Ko), the rest being building blocks available to other programs. Removing the exe just doesn't make much sense in this case.

I'm running as a limited user. The user experience can be improved (runas is
not very user-friendly), but it's not that much trouble.

That's a matter of opinion. :-) I would say that most users don't even know that the runas option even exists let alone stating that it's not much trouble. I would tend to agree with the comment about Linux's model.

Well, Vista should go some way toward moving users toward use patterns based on the least required privileges.