Re: I need a system the U.S. government cannot 'hack'

From: Imhotep (
Date: 11/20/05

Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 01:58:00 -0500

Roger Abell [MVP] wrote:

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>> Roger Abell [MVP] wrote:
>>> Excuse me, but were databases not developed in order
>>> to deal with what was otherwise piles and file cabinets
>>> full of paper ???
>>> Can I assume that you have taken into account all the issues
>>> existing in the various forms of government as discussed in
>>> Aristotle's Treatise on Government,
>>> but also in his Politics
>>> and exercised in his Rhetoric, etc. and then tempered this with
>>> Socrate's observations such as in Plato's The Laws ??
>>> I would conjecture that the computer system safe from all
>>> external agents is the one locked inside of an EMF shielded
>>> room with no connections to the outer world including for
>>> external power source.
>>> At that point, the choice of OS is fairly immaterial.
>>> "Proprietor_PER_Ltd" <>
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>>>>I have designed the first genuinely new system of government in roughly
>>>> centuries, using the principles of democracy, but without the
>>>> limitations
>>>> of
>>>> paper and ponies.
>>>> For functionality, that system requires a database which even the U.S.
>>>> government could not 'hack'. Note that technical details of that
>>>> database and governmental system design are available upon request from
>>>> Does anybody know where I could find one?
>> ....hum...someone minored in philosophy...
> - majored actually - my first bachelor's - minors were Greek
> and mathematics on that one :)

...I recognized the literature. I minored in philosophy and mathematics and
majored in Computer Science....