Re: Unable to install Anti Spyware Beta

From: Tom Pepper Willett (tompepper_at_mvps.invalid)
Date: 10/29/05

Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 07:06:09 -0500

You will need to contact Dell.

"tomhop" <> wrote in message
| The copy of Windows XP came with the computer when I bought it from Dell,
| I don't think it's an illegal copy/license. It won't activate
nevertheless, I
| have recently had a new motherboard fitted by Dell due to hardware errors
| (prompting the reinstall of Windows) and wondered whether there's some
| of conflict there? If the hardware has been significantly changed, could
| be that the Windows copy is treating it as a new computer and that the
| Windows copy has already been activated previously on "another" computer,
| i.e. mine before motherboard replacement?
| Is there anything I can do to check/resolve this?