Re: Why IP address is fixed everytime connected to the Internet?

From: __spc__ (
Date: 10/22/05

Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 08:00:26 GMT

Your ISP will like as not assign a dynamic IP to your modem; the lease time
could be a set time, or until you power off/on the modem.

If your PC connects directly to the modem (i,e, there is no router
involved), you must makes sure that you have a firewall in place, at the
very least, Microsoft XP's own one if you are using XP. ZoneAlarm do an
excellent free on which I have found reliable as heck for 2 years.

If you have a router, then don't worry about this, as the router has inbuilt
firewall capabilities, and will assign IPs to the PCs on your network -
these IPs are hidden from the WAN (internet) side of the router. It is
still a good idea to run firewall software on each machine as this will stop
malware software 'calling home'; this being software that you will have
(accidentally) let through your router.

"azhar attari" <> wrote in message
> wrote:
>> I want to ask who assigns the IP address to a machine that connects to
>> the Internet? The ISP, the network card (i.e. MAC address??), or the
>> router?
>> It seems like my IP address is fixed everytime connected to the
>> Internet, it seems very unsecure because it allows hackers track the
>> computers more easily.
>> I thought the IP address should be dynamic, and each time when we
>> connect to the Internet should have different IP address.
>> Is there a way that makes the IP address in my machine becomes dynamic?
>> Please advise. thanks!!
> Hey ..
> Your ISP assigns you a IP address...for phone modems i think you will get
> a dynamic address..or if the ISP has the DHCP enabled then you will get A
> dyanamic IP..
> Azhar Attari
> Bachelor of CS