ADAM instead of setting up domain in the 'perimeter' ? Sharepoint+AD

From: Marlon Brown (
Date: 10/12/05

Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 08:56:33 -0700

We are currently planning to setup an AD forest in the perimeter network to
accomodate a number of front/back end Sharepoint servers and DC's, etc. The
idea is that if extranet users need to access Sharepoint from the extranet,
they could authenticate using accounts existing in such "Domain-Perimeter"
and avoid coming "inside" my organization for future access. Such
"Domain-Perimeter" would be setup in a separate Forest with an one-way trust
relationship to my corporate domain.

I just thought more about it:
How about instead of setting up an entire domain infrastructure to
accomodate such security need of account isolation, I just setup an AD/AM
structure in a Sharepoint servers "inside" my organization. That way I could
accomplish the same goal of providing external users with "isolated"
accounts from my corporate domain and I could make the whole implementation
much easier.

Let me know your thoughts and whether that would work.

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