Re: BT Voyager 2100 router and CISCO VPN

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 10/04/05

Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 11:28:43 -0500

Wow. That sure is a helpful vendor. I am not familiar with the device but
maybe they have a website with a FAQ? The routers I have used or seen all
have a setting to enable/disable pptp [GRE] and ipsec passthrough. All I can
suggest is to try tweaking the MTU down towards 1400 in a couple of steps to
see if that makes a difference. If you do not make any progress I would buy
a new router as they are fairly inexpensive these days though I understand
how reluctant we all are to discard something we have already paid for but I
have done it myself on more than a couple occasions. Try doing a hard reset
on it also but be sure to jot down your settings, password if used, etc
first. There usually is a switch you can access in a small hole with a pin
or paper clip end to hold down to do a hard reset. --- Steve

"mikek" <> wrote in message
> He Steve - thanks.
> Yes - VPN on my laptop works behind any router, save the one I actually
> own!
> I can't find anything that sets pptp or ipsec settings, nor indeed for
> SPI.
> The router is connected ADSL, not DSL and MTU is set to default of 1500.
> As I said in original post, I've tried (although I might not have
> achieved)
> to ensure that all packets are pass on to the laptop.
> Of course I've tried the vendor who say it's not their problem as they
> don't
> do a support service for VPN and the IS guys at work say that they don't
> support kit off site (which makes supporting their provided VPN a bit
> hard.....)
> In the light of the above, any more things I can try?
> Thanks
> "Steven L Umbach" wrote:
>> So you are saying that the VPN connection works with your friends
>> router??
>> If that is the case check the configuration of your router as they
>> usually
>> have an option to enable/disable pptp or ipsec passthrough. If you find
>> such
>> enable them to see if that makes a difference. If the router has an
>> option
>> to enable/disable SPI try disabling SPI at least temporarily. DSL
>> connections can be touchy if the MTU is not correct and that can be
>> configured in the router. You might want to compare your MTU setting to
>> the
>> one you have. --- Steve
>> "mikek" <> wrote in message
>> > Home network with 3 desktops and BT2100 wireless router. Works GREAT!
>> > Now
>> > try to connect Work laptop. Plug into router. Worked for about six
>> > months.
>> > Now I can't get the VPN client to handshake with its server. I can
>> > ping
>> > the
>> > server, but something seems to be stopping the handshake. Laptop works
>> > fine
>> > on LANs all over GB, wired or wireless. I've proved ISP is not problem
>> > by
>> > borrowing friends router - different make! So there's somethign about
>> > the
>> > BT2100 that's stopping VPN. BT helpline so far no use at all. I did
>> > do
>> > the
>> > recommended firmware upgrade about two days before it stopped
>> > working....
>> > but
>> > if this is the problem, why did it work for 40 hours before throwing
>> > it's
>> > hand in. I've put the router into DMZ for the IP of the laptop - so in
>> > theory, if I understand it right, the should be complete transparency.
>> >
>> > Anybody got any ideas where I go now?
>> > Thanks