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Date: 08/02/05

Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 18:39:10 -0700

hihar wrote:

> I just purchased a new laptop bundled with xp-sp2, Norton AV (90 day),
> I activated the Norton AV but disabled the Norton personal firewall,
> ran the network wizard to configure the laptop wireless adaptor to one
> I installed in my home pc, (xp-sp2, dial up), enabled file, print, ICS
> sharing, updated Norton definitions and xp updates.
> The problem is everytime I turn on the laptop the windows firewall is
> disabled along with two of the three alert options located in the
> Security Center. So I literally have to open the security Center
> Window to see that it is off and then manually set it to on. I have to
> do this each time I restart. I checked the services tab under computer
> management and the text says its on auto, I also ran a scan with
> Norton and it came up clean. Anyone know how to keep the windows
> firewall on as a default or is this a byproduct of having Norton?
> Hihar in Thanks,

This is, as you said, a byproduct of having Norton. Leave the Norton
firewall on as it is better than the Windows SP2 one. Leave the Windows
Firewall disabled. The Security Center alerts are disabled by Norton
also, since it is monitoring antivirus and firewall status for you.
Don't forget to either pay for Norton when the 90 days are up or get
another av. If you don't want Norton then, you can use the Windows
Firewall after you've uninstalled the Norton stuff.


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