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From: rzr (
Date: 07/10/05

Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 05:41:03 -0700

As I replied to Steve, I'm a kid where the more technical aspects of this are
concerned. I'm on broadband (over the LAN cable to a cablemodem and out onto
the net from there), and my networkplaces is basically empty, except for a
connection to my college's shared workspace. There are no other connections
in the network, no other PC's at my home. I'm just puzzled by seeing my IP
with the last octet removed and replaced with 255.

Thanks for replying.

"N. Miller" wrote:

> On Sat, 9 Jul 2005 19:18:05 -0700, rzr wrote:
> > Is there any good way to verify who is in the range? I've seen quite a bit of
> > activity on the broadcast IP lately and I'm not sure I like that. What are
> > the security implications of this?
> In my case, such traffic is normal between (gateway router),
> (computer), and (computer). On some
> occasions, when I play with the dial-up modem on the SMC Barricade 7004BR,
> will chime in. Or, if the Sony PS2 is up, some other,
> non-NetBIOS traffic, for
> There are no security implications, beyond the general threat of having an
> intruder gain access to my LAN; very unlikely because it is wired, with no
> exterior access to the wiring. The IP address in question is an RFC 1918
> reserved address for private use.
> The security implications are enormous if the IP addresses in question are
> on the Internet; everybody on the Internet would have access to your
> network NetBIOS naming; and, potentially, to your shared data.
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