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From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 06/26/05

Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 09:49:57 -0500

Look in your documentation or go to the manufacturers website and look up
info for your model. If it mentions "stateful" or SPI firewall then you are
already well protected to unsolicited inbound traffic which is where almost
all the risk is at. FYI also make sure you are using some sort of
encryption. WEP is better then nothing but your really need to change your
key on a regular basis which is hard to define as everyone's situation is
different but I would say at least once a month. WPA is a much more secure
encryption option. However anytime you are using a ssl connection to a https
website you are also protected by that encryption tunnel which is very
strong. --- Steve --- protect
your PC tips.

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> I'm not sure whether my wireless adsl modem has built in hardware firewall
> how do I determine?
> thanks
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>> Sygate is worth a try. If your NAT/PAT device that you use to access the
>> internet has a built in firewall [most do] then you may not need a host
>> firewall unless your firewall does not have outbound access rules that
>> are flexible enough for you, you need application firewall rules, or you
>> need firewall protection from other computers on your local network. --
>> Steve
>> -- link to
>> firewalls including Sygate
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>>> latest version of free Zone Alarm prevents MS Time Zone and System
>>> Mechanic's Startup guard from running.
>>> Any recommendations for a free firewall for a laptop using wifi to
>>> access the Net?
>>> tia