Re: Shared folder security settings

From: Duane (
Date: 06/25/05

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    Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 09:03:01 -0700

    "Steven L Umbach" wrote:

    > If the user does not have full control, change permissions special
    > permission, or is not the owner of a file/folder they will not be able to
    > change permissions assuming that they are not local administrators. You
    > might be able to use Group Policy to hide the security tab but that will not
    > prevent users from changing permissions at the command line if they have the
    > ability to do such and know how to. For Group Policy look under user
    > configuration/administrative templates/Windows components/Windows Explorer -
    > hide the security tab. The links below may also be of help. --- Steve
    Thank you for your response, we actually found it as I got your reply. The
    issue is that the shares are the users folders but insted of setting share
    permissions they change the security permissions and mess things up. They
    can't log on locally so your suggestion actually works for us.

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