Re: HOSTS file???

From: CT04 (
Date: 06/24/05

Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 05:35:01 -0700


Thanks for the info. I am not expert enough to disagree with you, indeed
the fact you can run LiveUpdate with HOSTS file checked Read Only is proof
enough that it obviously works. I picked up the information from Symantec
because I had trouble getting LiveUpdate to run on a friends computer - it
had a virus!. Anyway, after modifying the HOSTS file and removing all the
entries added by the virus, LiveUpdate wouldn't run. After tralwing about
Symantec help files I came across one that told me to remove the Read Only
check. I did this and was able to run LiveUpdate. Go Figure!! Colin

"Tom Pepper Willett" wrote:

> I run the hosts file as read only on several computers, and have never had a
> problem wiht Symantec live update.
> Tom
> | I have seen a couple of the replies you received tell you to mark the
> | file as 'read only'. Whilst I am no expert myself, I undersatand that if
> you
> | are running Symantec products that use LiveUpdate, then you cold run into
> | problems geting LiveUpdate to run. As part of the solution Symantec
> suggest
> | that you remove the 'read only' flag from HOSTS file. I lost the will to
> | live trying to understand all this techie stuff ages ago.
> |
> | CT
> | "Susan" wrote:
> |
> | > I've heard about checking your HOSTS file for possible hijacks. I
> checked
> | > mine (through WinPatrol) and found, in addition to my local host file,
> one
> | > called What is this? Is it good or
> bad?
> | > If it is bad, what do I do now? I confess that I really don't know much
> | > about HOSTS files...I googled this but it didn't make a whole lot of
> sense to
> | > me.
> | >
> | > I regularly (daily) update and run AdAware, Spybot S&D, and a
> daily-updated
> | > virus scan with realtime monitor. I usually come up clean on Ad-Aware
> and
> | > Spybot, except for minor non-critical items.

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