RE: Green Admin - Brute Force Attack - Pls Help

From: Gabriel Iovino (
Date: 04/23/05

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    You might want to consider upping your lockout thresholds or abandoning them
    all together due to your strong password policy.

    Here is a good article about account lockouts:

    Implementing and Troubleshooting Account Lockout

    "Underfire Tech" wrote:

    > I am a pretty good desktop tech who has been thrust into server admin. I have
    > 2 domain controllers, one 2003, one NT and support the finance departments of
    > a small University.
    > I have enabled strong passwords on the 2003 server and have setup lockouts
    > on both after 5 incorrect attempts for 5 minutes.
    > Multiple machines on campus, not under my control, have been infected or
    > otherwise compromised and are walking through my userbase attempting logins
    > and locking out the accounts on both machines.
    > I recently disabled anonymous SAM listing apparently to no avail.
    > I am asking for any insight, help, suggestions, or anything I can do other
    > than simply letting these attemps go rampant and disabling lockout.
    > Even though we use DHCP (with quite long leases) I am considering blocking
    > all TCP except from each of my users (approx 70) as this situation as it
    > stands is unacceptable and adding an IP every week or so is much better than
    > the ordeal I endured all day today.
    > Thank you for your help.
    > Underfire Tech

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