Re: High importance (for me at least jejeje): Audit tool

From: Bigbruva (
Date: 04/21/05

Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 11:38:58 -0700

This free tool from the wonderful guys at Sysinternals could be just what
you need:

If this helps you out let us know

"Diego" <> wrote in message
> Hi all!!!
> I am working as System Administrator in a company and i am going to have
> an audit next month. The problem is that they want me to have a list with
> all files an user can access. I think it is not very common, but who
> listen to me???? my boss???? jejeje. So i have to find a solution.
> Is there any tool which look through the file system and selecting an user
> gives you the files and folders where he/she/it has access?????? or
> something like that
> Thanks a lot in advance
> Diego