Re: There needs to be an international policy

From: Robert Moir (
Date: 04/16/05

Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 10:20:10 +0100

I hear you about China. Have you been watching the Spamhaus project? It
looks like they are having some success in making China a responsible member
of the Internet community, but it won't become perfect overnight.

George Hester wrote:
> Uh yeah it went over my head. Sorry. I don't know I get just so
> damn disgusted with China. I really dislike them. These servers
> there that are the links in 90% of my spam all of them every one of
> them have bogus contact information. Not even their ISPs have abuse
> contacts. And I'll telll you those that do the addresses are always
> fake. ALWAYS. I have never ever received a response to an abuse
> notification to a Chinese ISP except a "FAILED delivery."
>> George Hester wrote:
>>> Robert I'm going to address just one thing you say with evidence
>>> that I have posted elsewhere in this thread. You say, "According
>>> to [me], those sites are the source of the spam. But yet they've
>>> had nothing to do with sending the emails" Then why is it when you
>>> go to the roots of these "spamming" servers [I have posted some]
>>> many ask for your e-mail to stop the "mistaken" e-mail to you?
>>> Think about it.
>> George, that whole first 2 paragraphs were me posing a hypothetical
>> situation to you. Apologies if that wasn't clear.
>> The "Those sites" in the second paragraph was referring to victims
>> of the scam I suggested in the first paragraph.
>> So - how would you address that hypothetical situation?
>> By the way - never give your email address to spammers, if you do,
>> you confirm your address as "live" and while they might wash you off
>> today's mailing list, you'll be back on next week's list with a gold
>> star by your name as a definate live account that deserves more
>> spammy treats because they know it'll get read. Think about it! ;-)
>> rob

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