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From: Bill in Co. (
Date: 04/14/05

Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 12:03:48 -0600

When I make a HD backup (in one burn), I can fit just about everything I
really need on ONE dvd. So there is no comparison (for what I'm trying to
do)/ No way am I gonna use 6 or 7 CDs in its place, regardless of the cost!

Gary S. Terhune wrote:
> Cost-wise, I can't imagine that DVDs are much different from CDs except
> for convenience.I use DVDs (I forget which format) for permanent storage
> of projects (or copies of other DVDs.) But for re-writable, daily
> backups, I use a pair of external HDs (swapping them regularly.)
> --
> Gary S. Terhune
> MS MVP Shell/User
> "Bill in Co." <> wrote in message
> news:O$c7x6QQFHA.3496@TK2MSFTNGP12.phx.gbl...
>> Gary S. Terhune wrote:
>>> I don't like UDF, either, in any flavor. And perhaps it's that issue
>>> which colors my thinking, here. Using standard formatting, what do you
>>> think the life expectancy for CDRWs is?
>>> Regardless, I agree with AlmostBob--a spare hard drive, particularly an
>>> external HD if your system supports USB2 or Firewire, is a much more
>>> sane and economical solution for regularly backing up large amounts of
>>> data.
>> Or burn your important stuff to a DVD.
>>> --
>>> Gary S. Terhune
>>> MS MVP Shell/User
>>> "John Corliss" <jcorliss@fake.invalid> wrote in message
>>> news:e0uBhHNQFHA.2356@TK2MSFTNGP14.phx.gbl...
>>>> Gary S. Terhune wrote:
>>>>> Ah, I see.
>>>>> I've never understood the attraction of CDRWs. It's not like they're
>>>>> endlessly reusable, and they are probably even *more* prone to getting
>>>>> screwed up than CDRs.
>>>> My experience was that when I formatted CDRWs for drag and drop (UDF) I
>>>> had nothing but problems. About 60% of the time, the format process
>>>> failed. Of those I successfully formatted, about 50% of them wouldn't
>>>> take data successfully. Of those that I successfully put data on, about
>>>> 50% of THOSE were unreadable. Of those that were readable, about 50%
>>>> failed at a later date.
>>>> However, when I use a CDRW like a CDR (ISO9600 or Joliet), they are
>>>> reliable, and can easily be erased and reused. That way, I don't have a
>>>> pile of CDs building up because "it might have something I need on it".
>>>> Kinda "self psych 101".
>>>> YMMV
>>>> --
>>>> Regards from John Corliss

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