Re: Open with... .reg extensions

From: Jim Carlock (anonymous_at_localhost)
Date: 04/10/05

Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 01:11:38 -0400

Thanks again Alan.

Your homepage has the following bad link. Microsoft probably
changed it to an .aspx page.;EN-US;oex;EN-US;oex will fix it.

I've noticed that you can just drop the page name up to the question mark
to fix some bad links.

One other question I have. I'm messing around looking at the .ext to find
the default value (for .log, it is logfile), then I'm going into the logfile key
(HKCR\logfile) and looking at the default value there, which provides
the Type column string in Explorer. When I change the name, for logfile
it was listed as "Text Document" and I changed it to "Text Log", it takes
a couple hours for the change to go into affect. It's like the registry is
holding the information, but doesn't update Explorer.

Randy Birch provided the following things to try but they've all failed:

Call SendMessageTimeout(HWND_BROADCAST, _
                                      WM_SETTINGCHANGE, _
                                      ByVal "Registry", _
                                      0&, SMTO_ABORTIFHUNG, _
                                      1000&, success)
and if the above didn't work...

Would you know which API could be called to force Explorer to re-read
the registry and update itself? It really looks like the system is saving the
information in a cache file somewhere and it's taking a couple hours for
explorer to get a refresh from the cache.

This is kind of off the topic of the Open with .reg extensions, but it was what
I was messing with when I started to mess with some .reg files.

Thanks again.

Jim Carlock
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"Alan Edwards" <> wrote:
I don't have XP installed but I assume there are similarities with
previous systems. If you want to start again and keep track, then try
a System Restore or Scanreg /Restore from a DOS boot or whatever XP
does to restore a day old Registry.
The two keys affected in Win9x are:
and the key it points to
Export them to text files before and after you make the changes.
Alan Edwards, MS MVP W95/98 Systems
In, "Jim Carlock" <anonymous@localhost>
>Ahh, when the Advanced button turns into Restore, just click on the
>Change button (to the right of the Opens with: item). Then click on OK
>and the Advanced button comes back.
>And also, I set the Merge as the default action and I tested the Opens
>With... one more time. I don't think the drop down list showed Notepad
>there and I'm thinking it ONLY displayed the Choose Program menu item.
>When I clicked on the Choose Program, it went into it's "automatic"
>merge. I canceled the merge and now I'm seeing the two notepad's I have
>set up as notepad editors. Which is what I should have seen to begin
>with. Also the Choose Program no longer does the automatic merge when
>I click on the Choose Program button. I should have had a registry
>monitor running to see what actually changed, or I should have saved
>the keys before I started playing around. Bummer.
>Thanks for your help once again.
>Jim Carlock
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>"Jim Carlock" <anonymous@localhost> wrote in message news:eJcnY1UPFHA.3076@TK2MSFTNGP12.phx.gbl...
>Thanks Alan,
>The OS is XP.
>1) Explorer, Tools, Folder Options, File Types
>2) Find the .reg association (may be Registration Entries)
>3) Clicked the "Set as default" button,
>Note, that flagged the file as changed. It set the default action to open it
>with the text editor. It also changed the Advanced Button to Restore. I
>don't want to Restore. I want to go back into the Advanced button and
>play around. ::mutter::
>Wondering why Microsoft would break the Open With... dialog for only
>that particular type of file? Or are there some others as well?
>Do you know if there's a way to make the Advanced button to reappear
>without rebooting?
>Thanks for the help.
>Jim Carlock
>Please post replies to newsgroup.
>"Alan Edwards" <> wrote:
>In what operating system?
>Try this...
>Explorer-View-Folder Options-File Types
>Find the .reg association (may be Registration Entries)
>Edit, (or click Advanced on ME or XP)
>Highlight Edit (which should be the Notepad open)
>Press "Set Default"
>OK your way out.
>The path to Folder Options may vary according to your operating
>system. It may be:
>Explorer-View-Folder Options
>Explorer-Tools-Folder Options
>Start-Settings-Folder Options
>Start-Settings-Control Panel-Folder options.
>Yes, it happens with everyone else who has not done this to change the
>default action from Merge to Edit (a very sensible idea)
>You can still right-click and Merge if you need to.

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