Re: Club Shepherd 2005 v1.00, WILL Re-solve ALL Derivatives of A HACKE

From: Frank Saunders, MS-MVP, IE/OE (
Date: 04/06/05

Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 20:46:13 -0500

"Galen" <> wrote in message
> In news:up$VOsNOFHA.2132@TK2MSFTNGP14.phx.gbl,
> Frank Saunders, MS-MVP, IE/OE <> had this to say:
> My reply is at the bottom of your sent message:
>> I did not write any code for Microsoft. I do not work for them.
> If you have an unmunged email you probably just got some odd message from
> 'em in yer email Frank. Read it in HTML format, it's most... Well...
> Entertaining for lack of a better word. Now if I only knew what they
> meant?
> Galen

I don't know what you're replying to.

Frank Saunders, MS-MVP, IE/OE
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