RE: Startup Accounts

From: Ron J (
Date: 03/23/05

Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 18:47:03 -0800

 I dont know what you mean when you say start up account. You can chose which
account to sign on with at the welcome screen.

"drive55" wrote:

> Does designating a restricted account as the startup account mean that every
> time I access the Internet, I'll be logged on with the limited account ? I
> got the idea from the Symantec help center that a child's account as startup
> would be the most secure. However, that would be prohibitive for Internet
> use. Would I then be required to log back on as an adult (supv.,admin.,etc.)
> to obtain acceptable Internet results ? That sounds like I'd be back at
> square one. TIA for any input.
> "Ron J" wrote:
> > Hello drive,
> > The biggest advantage to haveing a limted user account for searching
> > the net, is that if someone hacks your system while you are using it they
> > will not have the rights of System Admin. It is also a good idea to rename it
> > , if you are using the guest account. Best of luck to you.
> > Ron J
> >
> > "drive55" wrote:
> >
> > > Using NIS 2004 in XP/SP2. Does creating a restricted account and designating
> > > it the startup account provide any internet security or is it simply to deal
> > > with multiple users ? I am the only user on the computer. TIA.