Re: Anti virus software?

From: Tony (
Date: 03/21/05

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 12:02:11 +1100

> I keep hearing on the radio and other places that without
> anti-virus software (PC-cillin, Norton, or some other)
> a PC computer connected to the internet will get a virus
> within a couple minutes.

While all are possible, it would be pretty rare that you would get a virus
with the computer just having it connected to the Internet. Most of the
time, it needs to surf the Internet for awhile before you are infected. On
the other hand, you could be hacked instead.

However I personally believe that you can't be hacked within a couple
minutes. I believe that most (if not all) magazines classify the port
scanning as a hack which is not truth. Hacking needs to identify the
computer and the OS, find the holes and perform the attack. Being a
Certified Ethical Hacker and a Certified Information System Security
Professional myself, I reckon that it is pretty rare that a hacker could do
all in such a short time.


> I've been using the internet for several years now with no
> virus protection and haven't detected any viruses on my Windows
> 95 system.
> Is it possible the new viruses today will not run on an
> old Win 95 setup and I don't have to worry about it, or
> should I install a firewall and anti-virus software for
> added protection.
> How would I know if a virus is on my system? Everything
> seems to work ok.
> -Bill