Re: Dream Pack? Need to get into PC w/PW from fired employee

From: R. Choate (
Date: 03/11/05

Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 10:59:39 -0600

Many thanks to Steven, Phillip, Malke, and Roland. I'll try to briefly respond to some of the comments/suggestions. As to the
comment that I don't really know who I'm dealing with, I would disagree with that and say that I really do know the guy fairly well
and have known him for a number of years. He has been a CPA since 1952 and his ethics are exemplary. I'm sure we all know that many
crimes go unreported just because the victim needs to get down the road and put the loss behind them. If a CPA in public practice in
a small town allows it to be known that he had a bad employee who monkeyed around with one of the firm's computers, this could cause
a panic for all of his clients. If all she did is hassle him by not giving him the PW or telling him she forgot it, it may not be
worth the problems of reporting anything. The point is well taken that she could sue for wrongful termination, but I know enough
from all of the lawyers in my family that even a great employee who was fired for the flimsiest of reasons has a very poor chance of
prevailing in a wrongful termination suit, especially if it could come out that she was not a good employee. Even a decent
litigation attorney can establish that without any evidence of the type we have discussed here. Every day in this state and all
across the country, bank and brokerage employees are fired because they stole money and that is the end of it even though they
committed a crime. Right or wrong, the victim does get to choose what happens in many, if not most, white collar crimes. Your points
are well taken and I understand what you are saying. However, I just have to say that in a small town in Texas, an established, well
known, and popular CPA, who has been part of the local landscape for more than half a century, is not going to lose his license or
be "brought down" by a bitter woman who decided along the way that she was the important one. It's just not going to happen. Not in
that town.

As to my involvement and my own risk of losing my CPA license, that is not going to happen either. That man needs all of his files
to service his clients during the accounting "busy season", which is right now. Although the point about my lack of knowledge is
fair, lets not go too far on that. Although I am a CPA, my practice is focused on programming in VBA for Excel, Access database, and
the rest of the MS Office suite for financial professionals. I won't be doing anything that places me at risk, that is for sure.
We're not dealing with some sophisticated criminal here, just a bitter, controlling, old hag who began to think she was the boss, so
she got her ass fired. His position is "screw the 'crime scene', I want my files and I want them now, and I want that PC to be
functional again so the new employee can use it". In a small town in Texas where this all occurred, this woman can't do anything
further to the guy. She's done. Maybe in Dallas or New York or L.A., things would be different, but not in small town, Texas.

Finally, I do appreciate the pointers to all of the various PW cracking and similar apps that he can use. I think he will now be
able to get his work product files and get the problem PC back in action by Monday thanks to your help and thanks to some of the
apps I already have a working knowledge of. This newsgroup is certainly a lot different than the ones I usually deal with (Excel
programming, Access misc. forums, AS400 programming, etc.). I'm glad you guys are here; computer and electronic data security
becomes more critical every day. I've got to spend more time learning from you by monitoring this forum. I know the time spent will
help with my primary work.

Thanks again to Steven, Phillip, Malke, and Roland. I sincerely appreciate your thoughts and your time.

"R. Choate" <> wrote in message news:Op7b$$ZJFHA.2648@TK2MSFTNGP14.phx.gbl...
I'm trying to help a former client of mine who is somewhat elderly but still runs a small public accounting firm. He has fired his
longtime trusted assistant after, you guessed it, she embezzled funds. She knew much more about computers than him and she was the
network (small network) administrator. I think he has most problems under control but she placed a PW on her PC and it has important
company files on it (in addition to evidence). I've heard of something called "Dream Pack" that is open source and cheap, and which
will allow him to get into the PC and just change the password to whatever he wants and gain access to it. I do not have time to
travel to his little office but I really want to help this old guy. He is like a grandfather type guy and I just want to point him
in the direction of something that will open that computer and perhaps I can walk him through the steps over the phone. Has anybody
heard of this software and can anybody give me any leads on this?
I'm an Excel/Access/Word programmer but I don't know operating system or security stuff. Thanks for any help.

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