Re: Problems with Virtual Server 2005 Installation

From: Malke (
Date: 03/08/05

Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 05:48:52 -0800

Pandurang Nayak <npandurang_AT_blr_DOT_cognizant_DOTcom_NOSPAM> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am trying to run Virtual Server 2005 on a Windows 2003 Server
> system. I initially had trouble getting the installation program to
> realize that I was running IIS 6.0 and it kept denying creation of
> virtual site. I got the latest build and this was bypassed.
> Now after installation, when I browse to the website, it pops up user
> credentials. I gave it a local administrative account (and tried many
> other accounts too) - but it keeps throwing back a HTTP 401 error
> message.
> Things I tried already:
> 1. I checked out the posts that mentioned the Launch permissions to be
> given to the Virtual Server DCOM object. Did that. In fact, my screen
> looked a little different that most of those in the posts - not sure
> why. I don't get a Remote Activation checkbox at all.
> 2. I tried allowing all unrecognized ISAPI and CGI applications in
> IIS. Didn't help.
> 3. I tried changing to Anonymous Access, Basic Authentication, etc.
> Didn't work.
> I guess there is some problem with IIS being able to launch .exe
> (vswebapp.exe is the CGI application that is to be run).
> Any pointers?
Try microsoft.public.virtualserver.


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