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Date: 02/25/05

Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 16:23:04 -0800

I also have a problem with a search bar that appears at the bottom of my
monitor as soon as I open explorer. It is blue with titiles to choose from
such as "make money", music, travel, casino, blue..then in white with
drop-down menu's are the choices of "dating, travel, carreers, etc" When it
first started to appear I was able to "X" out of it..but now the "X"is too
far off the screen to get internet page opens behing this, and I
cannot drag it out of the way. I am not TOO tech any help would be

"Malke" wrote:

> Mike F wrote:
> > I have made numerous attempts to get rid of unwanted search bar in
> > Internet Explorer 6. All attempts were initially successful - and then
> > the search bars almost immediately re-appeared.
> > I have tried:
> > 1. own un-install programme
> > 2. Spybot Search & Destroy - which initially detected lop issues but
> > no longer does
> > 3. SpyFerret - which also initially detected lop issues but no longer
> > does 4. Also installed SpywareBlaster which is supposed to stop
> > spyware being installed on computer
> > Any further suggestions about how to eliminate this extremely
> > frustrating problem?
> > Thanks in anticipation......
> Did you update all tools and run the scans in Safe Mode? In addition,
> use the last link below to go to MVP Eric Howes' excellent webpage
> about "rogue" antispyware tools - programs that purport to clean your
> computer but actually add more cr*p, sometimes referred to by us techs
> as "betrayalware". SpyFerret is listed as rogue.
> Here are malware removal steps. Even though you've already done some
> work, I'd go through all the steps anyway, making sure that you have
> the most current version of the tools and that you update their
> reference/definition files before you start. Do everything in Safe
> Mode.
> 1) Scan in Safe Mode with current version (not earlier than 2004)
> antivirus using updated definitions.
> Before you remove malware, get LSPFix (or WinSockFix for XP which you
> can get from MajorGeeks) - see links below.
> 2) Remove spyware with Spybot Search & Destroy and Ad-aware. These
> programs are free, so use them both since they complement each other.
> There is a new version of CWShredder from Intermute. I would not
> install the other Intermute programs, however. Alternately, there are
> CoolWebSearch malware removal steps at SilentRunners.
> Be sure to update these programs before running, and it is a good idea
> to do virus/spyware scans in Safe Mode. Make sure you are able to see
> all hidden files and extensions (View tab in Folder Options).
> If the malware remains even after you used Ad-aware and Spybot, you can
> scan with HijackThis. HijackThis is an excellent tool to discover and
> disable hijackers, but it requires expert skill. See below for
> HijackThis links, including sites where you can post your HJT logs. A
> combination of HijackThis and About:Buster works well in removing the
> About:Blank homepage hijacker. Again, this is an expert tool and
> novices should get help with it.
> 3) If you are running Windows ME or XP, you should disable/enable System
> Restore after the system is clean because malware will be in the
> Restore Points. With ME, you must disable System Restore completely.
> With XP, you can delete all but the most recent (presumably clean)
> System Restore point from the More Options section of Disk Cleanup
> (Run>cleanmgr).
> 4) Make sure you've visited Windows Update and applied all security
> patches. Do not install driver updates from Windows Update.
> 5) Run a firewall.
> Links to help with malware:
> Software/Methods:
> - Spybot Search & Destroy
> - Ad-aware
> - good download site
> - SilentRunners
> - Repair Winsock 2 settings after
> removing spyware
> - WinsockXPFix.exe
> HijackThis:
> - HijackThis tutorial by Jim
> Eshelman
> - forums
> - Spyware Warrior HijackThis
> forum
> General:
> - look under "Security" for various forums
> - The Parasite Fight
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