Re: Problems with an Outside Threat who is accessing my computer I

From: Malke (
Date: 02/15/05

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 10:34:33 -0800

Sidney wrote:

> Hello,
> I have taken Preventive steps to prevent my computer system from being
> HACKED Into and I have a security center installed on this computer
> system, but this outside threat is KEYLOGGING my PASSWORDS and
> DISABLING my mcafee personal firewall plus services to gain ILLEGAL
> ACCESS to this computer system.
> I change my PASSWORDS FREQUENTLY, but NOTHING is HELPING, because my
> PASSWORDS are being COPIED, TRACED, KEYLOGGED by this Outside Threat.
> This NOT a Joke, I have done everything to PROTECT my computer system,
> but
> NOTHING is HELPING, BECAUSE this outside threat is more ADVANCED in
> computer security than I am, because he is able to DISABLED my mcafee
> personal firewall plus services to GAIN ILLEGALL ACCESS to this
> computer system.

You've posted this in more than one newsgroup. I'll repeat what I told
you the first time, briefly:

1. Either hire an outside professional to come and evaluate and secure
your system; or

2. this is not a technical issue at all and you should get help from
non-technical sources. I'm trying to be delicate about this.

I am not unsympathetic, but in any case, this issue - whether perceived
or real - is not one that can be solved by posting in newsgroups. Focus
your search for help in an area that will actually get you somewhere.
This means calling a real person, in real life, on-site.

Best of luck,


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