Re: Windows XP SP2 and IE 6.0 security settings -- web pages on local drive

From: PA Bear (
Date: 02/04/05

Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 01:05:23 -0500

Description of the Internet Explorer Information Bar in Windows XP SP2

There is a setting in IE Tools>Internet Options>Security>[zone]>Custom where
you can over-ride this behaviour. As doing so is a security risk, I will
not post it here in a public newsgroup. See the following KB articles for
some guidance:

Working with Internet Explorer 6 Security Settings

Use Security and Privacy Features in Internet Explorer 6

Setting Up Security Zones

~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-Windows (IE/OE) & Security
spam-hater wrote:
> I have a Windows XP Home SP1 system to which I have applied SP2.  The
> system is completely up-to-date according to Windows Update.   I am
> using Internet Explorer 6.0 with the default browser security
> settings.  This problem started after applying SP2.
> I have built several web sites on this machine. When these are
> uploaded to a server, I can view them with Internet Explorer 6.0
> without any problem. (IE 6 show the security zone as "Internet".)
> If I try to view the SAME files on my local drive, the "Information
> Bar" pops up with the message "To help protect your security, Internet
> Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that
> could access your computer. Click here for options...". (IE 6 shows
> the security zone as "Local Intranet".)
> I have tried every Local Intranet security setting. There doesn't seem
> to be any way to display local web pages containing active content
> without a security alarm.  I've even tried defining the local
> directory as a Trusted site.
> Other software that generate local HTML that is viewed via Internet
> Explorer, Belarc Advisor for example, have the same problem.
> It looks to me like it's an Internet Explorer problem. I'm baffled as
> to why content from the Internet would be allowed, but the SAME
> content from a local drive would be disallowed.  (I guess it's because
> the pages are reading graphics and other content from the local
> drive.)
> If anyone knows of browser setting or some other work around that
> would eliminate this problem, I would be happy to try them.  According
> to a friend, it doesn't happen with the Firefox browser.  I would like
> to continue to use Internet Explorer to verify the sites.