Re: Custom PASSFILT.DLL and Complexity in GP

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 01/26/05

Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 17:01:25 -0600

I have never used a custom passfilt.dll but it sure sounds like it is being
applied at the domain level. Open Domain Security Policy [or the GPO used to
managed domain password policy] and make sure that password complexity is
set to disabled, though I am not sure if that will work with a custom
passfilt.dll depending on what was configured. Also keep in mind that
password policy is "computer" configuration and can be applied only to
computers - not users. So if you were testing it in an OU, it would apply to
only "local" users that logon to domain computers in that OU. --- Steve

"" <> wrote in
>I have developed my own passfilt.dll file. I copied it to all four of my
> Win2K3 DC's and added the registry entry under the LSA key Notification
> Packages.
> My problem is that I only enabled password complexity on a single group
> policy (not the default domain policy or default domain controller policy)
> that I applied to a test OU. I also further limited the policy to a single
> user for testing in the GPMC. However any user that now tries to change
> their
> password has the new password go through the passfilt.dll even though
> complexity is not enabled on any policy that applies to them.
> What gives? From what I have read, you have to add the reg value to the
> Notification Packages key AND enable complexity on a group policy. Why
> would
> it apply the password filter to users from whom it is not enabled?

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