Re: How to fix broken security in Windows 2000?

From: Roger Abell (
Date: 01/20/05

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 22:56:24 -0700

If you feel as you say about the changes MS has, perhaps, caused
in the process of growing the numbers (and kinds of people that are)
MVPs, then you should let the MVP program people know.
As you will find on;EN-US;mvpfaqs&style=flat
you only need to email

The site you mention has been known to me, or rather its maintainer has,
for more than a couple years. If some of the things Peter has disclosed
there previously have not caused pressure it is not like anything will. His
work is largely well done, with few words representing many hours of
deep level research.

As you have done support, you hopefully will keep in mind that anyone
that has not seen and gotten their hands on a system behaving as one
of a poster is, off the bat, at a rather large disadvantage.

Roger (MVP since '99)
"Shannon Jacobs" <> wrote in message
> Here is a solution to the problem I reported:
> Two comments:
> 1) It did not (proximately) come from Microsoft.
> 2) It did not come from a MVP.
> That's not to say it doesn't exist at Microsoft, only that Microsoft has
> succeeded in hiding the solution from my many diligent searches of their
> sites and that their MVPs also failed in finding it. Actually, the MVPs
> mostly failed in understanding the problem before they could begin
> but I used to do technical support and I know full well that understanding
> the real problem is the most difficult part of support work. (I cannot
> out the latest MVP speculations about the cause, but I still think that
> proposal is unlikely, though an appropriate link might have been more
> persuasive.)
> I am especially bitter about the destruction of the MVP program, since I
> still remember when the MVPs were valuable support resources. Though I
> to provide closure to this thread, it is quite possibly a mistake to
> publicize it here, since it is quite possible that Microsoft will now
> initiate legal attacks upon that site and force them to shut it down. High
> quality free technical support--what an odious concept from Microsoft's
> perspective.
> Again, my congratulations to Microsoft for their success in destroying the
> effectiveness of the free support for their own Microsoft products. The
> effect of this incident (once again struggling with Microsoft's problems
> until a solution was found) is to increase my desire to abandon Microsoft
> (though I remain locked in by my customers). Am I a satisfied Microsoft
> customer? Not at all. I'm not very religious, but I'm praying for an
> from Microsoft.
> Karl Levinson, mvp wrote:
> > It is true that there is relatively new malware on the Internet that
> > deletes or inhibits your access to your root certificates.  If you
> > didn't delete any of your root certificates that pertain to Windows
> > file checking, this may be the problem.  The article I posted tells
> > you how to check to see whether the root certificates related to
> > Windows file checking are missing.
> >
> >
> > "Jeff Cochran" <> wrote in message
> >
> >
> >> Actually, you can't.  This is a relatively recent spyware issue, and
> >> easily resolved.  Open the Task Manager and choose the processes tab.
> >> Stop all processes you don't know, there aren't many that are
> >> required and if you stop the wrong one you can always restart the
> >> system to recover.

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