Re: Change local password for domain account while disconnected

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 01/11/05

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 22:58:23 -0600

If she can logon via VPN have her immediately lock her computer with
control -alt -delete and then try to unlock it with new credentials. If she
can do that it may reset the cached credentials. The Microsoft VPN client
also has an option to logon to the domain in it's properties which may be
worth a try if the previous method does not work. When you enable it the
user name, password, domain name will need to be entered. There is also an
option when you first logon to the computer to check the box that says "use
dialup connection" which could be tried. If that all fails, she probably
will have to connect the computer to the local domain to reset cached
credentials or call an administrator or help desk to reset her password back
to what it was and have them enable that password must be changed at next
logon assuming you trust them. --- Steve

<> wrote in message
> My girlfriend has an issue where she's been given a PC by work to log
> into the corporate network.
> The problem is that they set up their PCs to log into a domain, but of
> course she's not connected when she first turns the box on. So it's
> using the stored authentication information to authenticate her.
> She then VPN's into the corporate network but the corporate VPN
> software automatically uses her authentication credentials that she
> used to log into the box with.
> Unfortunately she has changed her password on the domain at work. But
> her machine at home still has the OLD authentication information
> stored, and requires her to use that when she logs in. When she then
> VPN's into the corporate network she can't do anything because the
> password for her local login is different from the password on the
> corporate network.
> Is there any way for her to change the password on her local machine
> (FOR THE DOMAIN) so that it matches what she has at work?

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