Re: What is the skq.exe process?? virus ?? hacker??

From: Dave (
Date: 01/04/05

Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 12:35:03 -0500

if you don't know what it is how do you know how to uninstall it? how do
you know that deleting it won't delete something important? do you have
virus scanner? firewall? spyware and adware scanners?? all up to date? with
modern worms and viruses you can't go by the filename, they often randomly
create names or use ones that look like real processes but are one letter
off. make sure all your protection is up to date, and don't be surprised if
it comes back with a different name or as a service that you can't stop.

"toolman99" <> wrote in message
> Has anyone else seen this process - the skq.exe was running in background
> chewed up about 70gb of my harddrive space in one week - it is located in
> hidden folder in the system32 directory and was creating monster files
> names like 94.74603.sys- I deleted all the files and the program from the
> directroy but was wondering if anyone knows what this is - thanks worried
> about hacker- -i am running xp homne on a dell desktop